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Digital divid and Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral

Programe: High Asia Exlcusive 
Host: Aftab Wazir Haider 
Guests: Amir Hussain, Research & Policy Analyst 
Anayat Baig, Political Activist 
Shaan Khan, Digital Expert and Activist 
Karimullah, Journalist 
Jahangir Babar, Member, Student Organizing Committee (SOC) 

Digital divide and GBC:

The UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres recently emphasized the importance of access to digital rights and addressing the widening digital divide. As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the way in which we work, keep in touch, go to school and shop for essentials – across the world – it has never been more important to bridge the digital divide for the 3.6 billion people who remain offline. The lockdown clamped across Pakistan in March leading to abrupt closure of educational institutes, hostels and offices left students and professionals in the lurch. The unplanned online classes announced by various universities and colleges exposed the outdated telecommunication system prompting protests across Pakistan and GBC. Students organized protests on roads in various districts of Gilgit-Baltistan and launching an online campaign for access to internet under the banner of Digital Rights Movement-GB that trended on twitter. According to an IT ministry official 300,000 students in peripheries and rural areas have no access to internet. To discuss the issue of poor internet service in GBC, High Asia TV has produced a series of informed debate to unravel the jigsaw puzzle with Digital and IT experts, panelist from SOC, DRM-GB and social activists. In the first episode our guests comprised of Amir Hussain, a columnist, development sector expert, Shaan M Khan, a soft engineer, Jahangir Babar, member of SOC, Anayat Baig, political and Karimullah, Journalist from Chitral ————————– #HighAsiaTv #DigitalRights #HumanRight

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