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Guests: #IsmatShahjahan , President Women Democratic Front #KosarBano, Gender Expert and Activist #IrumSKhan, Social Activist , Academic and Researcher Host: #FehmidaBarcha, Researcher and Political Activist

Amidst #Covid19 lockdown, the working class and working people across the country have been reeling from this unprecedented pandemic . Reports say that over 1.6 billion workers -almost half of the 3.3 billion working people of the world – are at immediate risk of losing their jobs. According to the ILO report, wages of the world’s two billion informal workers plunged by an estimated global average of 60 per cent in the first month that the crisis unfolded in each region. Amid this crisis, women being the vulnerable segment of the society, has been rising domestic violence against women and children are being reported across the globe. The UN head says that pandemic’s devastating consequences on women and girls, which cross every sphere: from health and the economy, to security and social protection.The Covid-19 pandemic is deepening the pre-existing inequalities which are in turn amplifying its impacts on the lives of women and girls. In this regards #HighAsiaTV bringing a panel of noted Social activist, gender experts and researchers, discussing #GenderIssues in the emerging scenario of COVID-19 pandemic. #PandemicAndGenderIssues #HighAsiaTv #TalkHighAsia Women Democratic Front @Kosar Bano National Commission on the Status of Women, Islamabad HRCP Fehmi S. Bercha

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