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Burusho Maraka

Program: Burusho Maraka
Host: Zulfiqar Ali Khan Bercha
Producer: DWBaig
Presentation: High Asia Tv

Burusho Maraka- is a Burushaski language talk show program of High Asia Tv. The program is aimed at preserving and promoting Burushaski language through various talks and discussions with the native speakers. i.e Elders, musicians, singers, poets, writers, researchers etc

The program is hosted by Zulfiqar Ali Barcha who is a famous Burushaski poet and researcher. He hails from Central Hunza

Burushaski, one of the endangered languages according to the UNESCO’s atlas of languages, is spoken in various parts of Gilgit-Baltistan but majorly spoken in Hunza, Nagar and Yasin valley. Each valley has their own colour and dialect.

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